Our subsea pipelines help you deliver large-scale infrastructure for water supply, wastewater and emissions management.

Made for Norwegian conditions

In Norway, our topography means that we often have to run water pipes across fjords and straits to bring drinking water to the consumer. In the future, we will see stricter requirements for handling wastewater and discharge water. Thanks to its chemical resistance, density and flexibility, polyethylene pressure pipe (PE) is very well suited to long lengths of water pipe.

Sub sea cabels for water, sewage and emissions

PE does not corrode and does not react chemically with water. PE is also resistant to most acids, bases and solvents. This makes PE sea pipes a very good solution for both water supply for drinking water and as a pump pipe for wastewater. Haplast supplies pipe in suitable dimensions with a blue or red stripe.

Large dimensions and towing

Haplast can supply submarine cables in any size with an external diameter of up to 1000 mm.

Towing can be delivered up to 250 meters in length and floated air-filled from our factory. Other lengths are available on request.


At Haplast, we understand that every project has unique challenges. It's important to us that you find good and lasting solutions. That's why we help you with tailor-made and complete solutions for your water project.

  • The submarine cables can be delivered complete with load solder.
  • We can supply strainers as intake arrangements for seawater.
  • The pipes can be supplied with welded, tension-proof joints.
  • The pipes can be supplied with flange and collar or end sealing.
  • Optional lengths up to 250 meters.
  • Optional DSR classes and dimensions according to dimension table.
  • Bend, T-pipe and reduction as needed.


The pipes are transported in towed lengths by boat, or in welded lengths by truck, to the construction site. Here, the pipe is welded or flanged to the desired length. In most cases, the pipe is floated out onto the water filled with air as the necessary solder load is applied.

Durable solutions

Optional lengths and dimensions

Impact-resistant, dense and flexible pipe in PE


Air-filled floating

Tow up to 250 meters