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Haplast supplies solutions for handling rain and meltwater. We produce pipes, basins and tanks that ensure safe disposal, drainage and treatment of stormwater.

Stormwater management

Climate change and urbanization increase the need to manage stormwater in an efficient and sustainable way. Increased rainfall means an increased need for large-scale solutions that help prevent damage to health, the environment and infrastructure. Haplast supplies solutions for stormwater management in PE based on KRAHTM technology. This gives us light and dense products with a long service life, which are flexible and have a fast installation time on site.



Water culverts used to divert rivers or streams past urban areas or crossing infrastructure such as roads and railways.

Stormwater basin

Ensures that stormwater is removed from the surface. The water flows down into the basin and out into the sewer system.

Evaporation reservoir

Also known as a buffer tank, stormwater reservoir or retention basin.

A retention reservoir is used to manage stormwater from precipitation and meltwater that is not immediately absorbed into the ground. The water is collected in the reservoir to prevent the sewer network from being overloaded.

Waste water basin

A Waste water basin that enables cleaning, flushing and maintenance of the sewage network.

Stream inlet

Stream inlet with grate. The stream inlet is dimensioned to match our culverts and is joined together with a weld or sleeve and tip. The pre-assembled grate prevents larger objects from flowing into the culvert.

Fish ladder

A culvert delivered with sand stoppers that facilitate fish migration in streams and rivers that cross the road and rail network.

Leakage-proof solutions for over 100 years

Our stormwater management products in PE are built to last. They can withstand significant internal and external loads for more than 100 years without leaking, cracking, breaking or shifting. PE does not react chemically with water and the pipes do not corrode. This is an investment for the future.

Easy to maintain

Our stormwater pipes, buffer tanks and basins are made with smooth and bright internal surfaces that simplify maintenance. The smooth surface makes it difficult for particles to adhere and reduces the risk of blockages.

Quick installation in trench

With their low weight and the option of being delivered in joinable lengths or pre-assembled lengths of up to 24 meters, our stormwater pipes reduce construction time. We can install any lenghts  the project requires by joining several pipe sections together. The pipes are joined with a sleeve and spigot or they can be welded together on site. This reduces construction time and streamlines shipping and placement on site.

Lasting solutions:

Leakage-proof products

More than 100 years of service life

Efficient installation

Tailor-made solutions

Dimensions up to 3000 mm diameter

Strong and flexible solutions

Efficient maintenance