Haplast supplies 100% leakage free water basins in solid PE. Our Haplast water basins are manufactured with advanced KRAHTM technology - made to last.

HaplastTM Water basins are becoming increasingly popular

Water basins made of PE plastic have become increasingly more popular in recent years. PE plastic (polyethylene plastic) is a type of thermoplastic material known for its high strength, flexibility and resistance to chemicals. These properties make it an ideal material for creating water basins that are robust and durable, and can withstand the challenges that come with being exposed to water and soil.

No leackage

All pipe penetrations are fully welded and supplied with a tightly insulated PE lid with a stainless steel compression lock. This prevents the leakage of surface water, dirt and grime into the basin, which extends the life of the luminaire. The basins are leak tested before leaving the factory.


Haplast Water basin has a cast concrete anchor plate and we use approved brackets for fixing valve crosses. We install fixtures based on customer specifications - with us, you get a complete solution tailore made to your project.

The basins are available with internal diameters from 1400 mm to 2000 mm and heights up to 5 meters. For larger manholes, see our large PE basins.

Quick and easy installation

Haplast Water basins are fully assembled at our factory. The basin has a low weight and welded lifting lugs. This ensures easy installation on site as a plug-and-play solution. All that remains is to connect the water pipes and the installation is complete.

Compatible with heavy-duty concrete lids

For a solid and durable solution, it is recommended to use a concrete slab with 800 floating frame and lid. We do not supply street fixtures or concrete slabs.

Lasting solutions:

Recognized KRAHTM technology

Fully welded pipe seals

Tight, insulated lid with compression lock

Complete, pre-assembled solutions

Low weight

Compatible with roadworthy plate

Optional sizes


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