Working water column

Haplast supplies 100% leackage free wastewater basins in solid PE. Haplast Waste water basin is manufactured with KRAHTM technology, made to last.

100% sealed solutions

All pipe penetrations are fully welded and supplied with a tight, insulated lid. This prevents leakage of stormwater, dirt and chemicals into the basin. Our lids are compatible with heavy-duty concrete lids with 800mm floating frame and manhole covers. The basins are leakage tested before leaving the factory.

Durable solutions

Haplast drain traps are made of PE and are manufactured using KRAHTMtechnology. The properties of PE mean that the manholes can withstand heavy loads for more than 100 years without leaking, cracking, breaking or shifting.


Standpipes, branch pipes, water metering, wastewater or stormwater? Haplast Waste water basin can be adapted to your needs for operation and maintenance of the sewer network. Our drain traps have a PE anchor plate and pre-assembled, vacuum-formed gutters. We install supplied shut-off valves and other fittings at our factory.

Easy and quick installation

Haplast Waste water basin is designed with a flat bottom, is lightweight and comes with lifting lugs to simplify installation of the sump in a trench. This ensures easy installation on site as a plug and play solution, all that remains is to connect to other infrastructure - and the installation is complete!

Lasting solutions:

Recognized KRAHTM technology

No leackage

Drain solution according to specification

Complete, pre-assembled solutions

Low weight

Ready for installation

Optional sizes

Stormoen, Balsfjord
The inside of Waste water basin with three floors
Stormoen, Basfjord
3D illustration of Waste water basin
Stormoen, Balsfjord