Haplast manufactures every pipe for fish cage constructions. The pipes are manufactured in PE, a flexible and impact-resistant material that can withstand weather, wind, sea and cold - without corroding. Welding of the pipes during assembly provides tensile joints without weak points.

Fish cage pipes

Haplast manufactures cage pipes in lengths of up to 250 meters. We offer pipe dimensions for floating collars, bottom rings and handrails. We prepare long lengths for towing and weld on bulkhead plates for air-filled floating.

Feeding pipes

We can supply feeding pipes in black PE with an antistatic strip. The feeding pipes are delivered as coils in lengths of up to 350 meters.

Land-based facilities

Haplast manufactures pressure pipes in dimensions suitable for fish transportation, water intake and waste water. The PE pipes are smooth extruded - that is, they have a smooth inside that provides low friction and minimizes the risk of deposits and algae growth inside the pipe. We can also supply strainers and inlet wheels for seawater inlets.

Shipping options


We can supply floating collars, bottom rings and handrails in desired lengths of up to 250 meters. Our towing lengths are fitted with an end sealing solution with a bulkhead plate so that the pipes can be floated without the use of popsicle sticks - a good solution for the environment.

Freight by land or sea

Haplast is located by the Lyngenfjord and close to the E6, so we can facilitate shipping by both road and sea. With boat freight, we have the opportunity to deliver coils in lengths up to 450 meters as well as cage pipes as tow. With road freight, the maximum length on pipe is limited to 15 meters for handrail and 18 meters for floating collar and bottom ring.

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