Haplast AS - lasting solutions since 1961

Haplast AS is a locally owned, Northern Norwegian manufacturer of PE plastic products. Our factory was established in 1961 and is located at Furuflaten in Lyngen municipality - close to Lyngsalpan. We manufacture products based on PE plastic granules, primarily for use in water and sewage, road and rail, aquaculture and ventilation. Our main products are extruded pressure pipes, wound profile pipes, water basins and tanks.

Haplast manufactures for customers in the Nordic market - with immediate proximity to the North Calotte. Our location by the Lyngenfjord allows us to deliver long tows and large tanks by boat.

Needs-based solutions

Our products have been developed over time to meet our customers' needs and expectations. We supply water tanks, water reservoirs, sedimentation tanks, sludge separators and several other products as "plug and play" solutions, which streamlines shipping and installation for the customer. We also design unique solutions in PE plastic in collaboration with our customers who have extended needs, such as industrial customers, aquaculture operators and contractors.

KRAHTM family member

As the only manufacturer in Norway, we use KRAHTMtechnology, which makes it possible to produce solid profile pipes with a long service life. We can produce KRAHTM pipes with internal diameters up to 3 meters - something we are the only manufacturer in Norway.

A KRAHTMpipe is a profile pipe - a pipe where polyethylene is wrapped around a core to achieve the desired structure and strength. We use KRAHTM pipes to make our processed products, which ensures a long service life and high quality in our solutions.

Focus on sustainable solutions

We have introduced full recycling of our internal PE waste. In addition, we buy recycled PE from which we produce coiled pipe and blanks when the standard allows this. Targeted energy streamlinging gives us more kilograms of PE produced per kilowatt of electricity supplied. Through investments in new technology and new production equipment, we at Haplast are producing ever greener pipes for our customers.

Terms of delivery

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Our history


Haplast was established at Furuflaten in 1961


Bought a factory in Elnesvågen in 1974


Established new factory at Rena in 1978


The company was sold to the Uponor Group in 1984


The factory at Furuflaten bought back by local owners in 2004


Expanded the factory by 500m2


Invested 25 MNOK in new production hall


Revenue of approximately NOK 130 million and 42 employees in 2022