We supply 100% sealed sedimentation systems for roads and railways. Our sedimentation tanks help you meet today's environmental requirements for the treatment of wash water, sand and stone.

Durability with KRAHTM technology

Haplast sedimentation tanks are made of PE based on KRAHTM technology. The tanks have double walls that provide good insulation properties when sufficiently buried. This is a flexible and strong solution that also allows local soil to be used as backfill when the installation instructions are followed. Smooth and bright interior surfaces simplify cleaning and inspection.

100% leakage free

Fully welded pipe seals ensure 100% leackage free solutions. We also install sealed, insulated lids on our tanks.

Complete solutions

The tanks can be made with an inner diameter up to 3000 mm. They can be delivered as fully assembled, complete solutions or in sections of up to 24 meters, limited only by the permitted transport length. If longer tanks are required, we can supply lengths of up to 24 meters that are welded together on site.

Quick installation - long lifespan

Our tanks are delivered fully assembled which streamlines the installation. At the same time, our PE tanks have a long service life (100+ years) and is a lasting solution for your project.

Customer customization

At Haplast, we have the opportunity to tailor solutions for your project. Our tanks can be delivered with:

  • Hydraulic suction nozzle or separator chamber
  • Pump chamber for dry set pump
  • Valve house with guided valves
  • Lockable lids with safety grid
  • Ring stiffness class (SN) as required
  • Optional lengths
  • Fully welded joints

Lasting solutions:

Recognized KRAHTM technology

Fully welded pipe seals

Tight, insulated lid with lock

Pre-assembled solutions

Quick installation

Tailor-made solutions

Optional sizes

E6 Mettevoll Tunnel