Haplast supplies sludge separators, valve tanks and storage tanks for natural precipitation and treatment of solid particles from wastewater systems.

No leakage out - no leakage in

Our sludge separators are made of PE based on KRAHTM technology. All pipe penetrations are fully welded and the tanks are supplied with insulated lids. This provides 100% sealed solutions for efficient treatment of gray water. Fully welded joints prevent lackage into the tanks. Haplast sludge separators are a good solution for wastewater treatment even in areas where groundwater is a challenge.


We offer customized, complete solutions that are fully assembled in our factory. Haplast sludge separators can be designed with hydraulic suction nozzle or separator chamber to meet the needs of the project. We can also supply sludge separators with controlled valves. 

The tanks can be made with an inner diameter up to 3000 mm. They can be delivered as complete, fully assembled solutions or in sections of up to 24 meters, limited only by the permitted transport length. If larger tanks are required, we can supply fully assembled modules up to 24 meters that are welded together at the construction site.

Durable solutions

The tanks are made of PE based on recognized KRAHTM technology. PE is a flexible and strong material that can withstand high internal and external loads for more than 100 years without leaking, cracking, breaking or shifting.

Simplified maintenance

Our sludge separators are manufactured with a smooth and bright inner surface, making both inspection and cleaning easier.

Quick and easy installation

Haplast delivers complete solutions, fully assembled according to customer specifications. Our PE tanks are highly impact-resistant and provide strong structures that allow local soil to be used as backfill in accordance with the installation instructions. The tanks have double walls that do not require insulation when sufficiently buried. Low weight makes the tanks easy to move and simplifies installation in trenches.

Lasting solutions:

Recognized KRAHTM technology

Fully welded pipe seals

Optional sizes

Pre-assembled solutions

Long service life

Simplified maintenance

Quick installation

Stette, Ålesund
Stette, Ålesund