Terms of delivery

These general terms of delivery apply to all deliveries from HAPLAST AS, unless they are deviated from in the order confirmation or invoice.


All offers must be confirmed in writing. They are valid for 30 days. The prices quoted are exclusive of VAT and are subject to change in the event of changes in HAPLAST's own prices for raw materials, labor costs and other expenses that have a direct effect on the product price and that have occurred after the quotation was submitted.

Price lists, brochures and catalogues

Data and information in this material is of an indicative nature. This also applies to prices stated here.

Order confirmation

All orders are confirmed in writing. The order confirmation shall include the provisions that apply to the individual delivery.

Change of order

A confirmed order may be changed by agreement between the parties. The change must be confirmed in writing by the party who has requested the change.


A confirmed order can be canceled by the customer free of charge up to; one week before the intended delivery if the order concerns stock items or three weeks before the start of production in the case of specially produced goods.

Delivery time and delivery method

The delivery time is stated in the order confirmation. The delivery method is FCA Furuflaten in accordance with Incoterms 2000 unless otherwise stated in the order confirmation.

Force majeure

The delivery time is postponed to the extent that the delivery is hindered by circumstances covered by force majeure, including any labor disputes at HAPLAST itself or suppliers of necessary services for the delivery.

Sales pledge

Haplast reserves a sales pledge on delivered goods until they have been paid in full, plus interest and costs.


The payment deadline is stated on the invoice. In the event of late payment, interest will be added at the applicable rate pursuant to the Act of December 17, 1976 no. 100 on interest on late payment, etc.


Haplast guarantees that the goods are delivered in accordance with the order confirmation - with the right quality, at the right time and in the right quantity.


Any deviation must be reported within a reasonable time. If a complaint is received by an intermediary in the sales chain, the intermediary shall immediately forward the complaint to HAPLAST, who will contact the complainant and investigate the matter. HAPLAST is not bound by acknowledgments of liability from later stages in the sales chain.

Haplast's responsibility

Haplast's liability is determined in accordance with the Sale of Goods Act of May 13, 1988 no. 27. This entails a right for HAPLAST to make a replacement delivery and/or rectification of any defective goods in accordance with section 36 of the Act. HAPLAST is not liable for consequential damages under section 67 (2) of the Act, regardless of whether there is a delay or defects in quality or quantity.

Damage or shortage during transportation

If the recipient of the goods believes that there are defects in the goods or delivery that can be attributed to the carrier, he shall also immediately complain to the carrier.

Subsequent sales

If the buyer of the goods sells on, these general terms of delivery determine HAPLAST's liability as a manufacturer also in relation to subsequent sales stages. The buyer is responsible for ensuring that these terms of delivery follow the goods all the way to the end user.

Disputes - choice of law

Any disputes that may arise between the parties will be resolved by the ordinary courts with Nord-Troms District Court as the first instance and on the basis of Norwegian law.

Furuflaten, December 14, 2009.
Haplast AS

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