Increased rainfall increases the need for safe road pipes and culverts in large dimensions. We produce pipe with internal diameters from 600mm to 3000mm. Our culverts and road pipes are available in optional ring stiffness - also class SN8.  

Strong and flexible solutions

Haplast manufactures road pipes and culverts based on Krah technology. Krah profile pipes can be dimensioned for the necessary ring stiffness, so that they can withstand deformation at high ground pressure or negative pressure without cracking. The pipes are highly impact resistant. This makes it possible to reuse local soil for backfilling in accordance with the installation instructions. The pipes do not need to be insulated when they are sufficiently buried.

Leak-proof pipe for over 100 years

Our PE road pipes and culverts are built to last. They can withstand significant internal and external loads for more than 100 years without leakage, cracks, breaks or displacement. PE does not react chemically with water and the pipes do not corrode. This is an investment for the future.

Easy to maintain

Our road pipes and culverts are manufactured with a smooth and bright inner surface, making both inspection and cleaning easier. The smooth surface makes it difficult for particles to adhere and reduces the risk of blockages.

Quick installation in trench

With their low weight and the option of being delivered in joinable lengths or pre-assembled lengths of up to 24 meters, our road pipes and culverts reduce your construction time. We can install as long culverts and road pipes as required by joining several pipe sections together. The pipes are joined with a sleeve and spigot or they can be welded together on site. This reduces construction time and streamlines transport and placement on site.


Haplast can supply culverts and road pipes with solid ends. This allows us to create chamfered ends so that the culvert blends in as well as possible with its surroundings. The angle of the bevel can be adapted to local conditions. The pipes are available with internal diameters from 600mm to 3000mm.

Diverse applications

Our culverts can be used in many different projects, including small bridges, animal and human road underpasses, transfer culverts for large volumes of water or as infrastructure for technical installations. Haplast can also supply supplementary products such as stream inlets and bends, as well as fish ladders.

Fish ladder

Haplast Fish Ladder is a culvert delivered with sand stoppers that facilitate fish migration

Stream inlet

Haplast stream inlet with grate. The stream inlet is dimensioned to fit the Hapast culvert and is joined together with a weld or sleeve and tip. The pre-assembled grate prevents larger objects from flowing into the culvert.


Some projects require road pipes or culverts to be laid at angles. We help you find good, durable solutions and can supply bends at any angle. The bends are adapted to the culverts and are easily joined together with a sleeve and spike.

Lasting solutions:

Optional ring stiffness class - also SN8

More than 100 years of service life

Available with solid, slanted ends

Optional lengths

Reduces construction time in trenches

Simplified maintenance

Optional dimensions up to 3000mm diameter

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