Haplast has delivered a three-storey Waste water basin to Perpetuum at Stormoen. The drain sump will help Perpetuum with water sampling - so it is important that it is completely sealed!


This custom-made Haplast basin is 6.5 meters high and has an internal diameter of 1600mm. The height is adapted to local conditions. Due to its height, this manhole has three floors, the top two of which consist of fully welded PE decks. The sump is delivered fully assembled at the construction site - ready for installation.

100% sealed and long service life

The drain basin will help Perpetuum to handle the leachate and take water samples of the leachate from the waste facility at Stormoen. Haplast manholes are an excellent solution when there are strict requirements for tightness. The manholes have fully welded pipe penetrations that ensure that the desired water is directed where it should be, while preventing unwanted water from seeping into the manhole. PE is a rigid and flexible material with a lifespan of over 100 years.

Efficient installation

Completely assembled Hapast drain sumps allow for quick installation on site and are easily connected to other infrastructure using electrical sleeves. The photos show the contractor Brødrene Karlsen Anleggsdrift AS hoisting the manhole into place and preparing it for installation.

We thank Perpetuum AS and Brødrene Karlsen Anleggsdrift As for the assignment!

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Stormoen, Balsfjord
Waste water basin Stormoen
Stormoen, Balsfjord