We are renewing ourselves

Haplast launches a new logo, new colors and a new website.

In the future, you will see Haplast in a new and modern look. We have a new logo, new colors and a new website that we believe represents Haplast in a good way now and in the future. We maintain the high quality of our products and promise that we will continue to deliver lasting solutions for our customers - as we have done since 1961.

We use up rather than throw away

We want to use up what we have in terms of packaging and materials, rather than making rubbish out of them. Therefore, during a transitional phase, you will see both our old and our new logo when you see Haplast out in the world. This is a sustainable choice for both us and the environment.

Old logo
New logo

New website

Our website has received a long-awaited upgrade. The site is under construction and we will be adding more information, news and projects from us in the time to come.

We thank Tank Design Tromsø and Gnist Design for design, development and programming!