Hallingplast and Haplast join forces to offer 100 percent sealed cisterns throughout Norway

Haplast Vannkum
Water basin from Haplast

Norwegian plastic pipe manufacturers Hallingplast and Haplast have entered into a partnership to offer Haplast's proprietary specialty products faster and more affordably throughout Norway. 

Press release - 09.02.2024

The Norwegian companies both produce plastic pipe solutions for the water and wastewater sector, but production takes place on opposite sides of the country. Hallingplast in Hallingdal and Haplast in Troms. It is now clear that the companies are starting a collaboration that makes it easier, cheaper and faster for customers to use Haplast's quality solutions in southern Norway.  

Sverre Tragethon, CEO of Hallingplast, says that he is impressed by Haplast's solutions and points to a product that the water and wastewater industry in southern Norway will benefit from. 

- "Haplast's 100 percent watertight manhole is a quality solution that we expect to create great demand. "More and more people want water sumps with a tightness guarantee as it both protects critical infrastructure and makes work much safer and easier for the operators who descend into the sumps," says Tragethon. 

Dan Nordheim, CEO of Haplast, supports this: 

- "We are very pleased to have entered into a partnership with Hallingplast because it allows us to deliver our solutions faster and more affordably throughout Norway. Going forward, Hallingplast will handle sales of our solutions in southern Norway," says Nordheim.   

Hordaland Rørteknikk takes on a key role 

An important third party in the new partnership is the pipe contractor Hordaland Rørteknikk, which will be responsible for welding and assembling Haplast's manholes.  

- Semi-finished products of the water basin are sent from our production in Troms to Hordaland rørteknikk. The fact that we can send semi-finished products makes logistics faster and cheaper. Hordaland rørteknikk will then customize and finish the basins before they are sent out to customers," says Nordheim. 

The chambers are made of the plastic material polyethylene (PE).   

Tragethon and Nordheim are excited about the new collaboration. 

- We are both Norwegian family-owned companies that work to offer the market the best solutions. Our new collaboration is a good example of this. Logistics and production are streamlined and make it easier, cheaper and faster for southern Norway to use Haplast's solutions," they conclude. 

About Hallingplast:

Hallingplast is one of the largest and most modern manufacturers of plastic pipe systems in the Nordic region. The company is a wholly owned Norwegian family business, located in Hallingdal. Hallingplast AS extrudes pipe and profiles in various plastic materials, with the main emphasis on Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP), but the company also produces pipe where other plastic materials are used. The range of products is wide, with an emphasis on pipe for water and sewage, oil and gas, cages for the fish farming industry, special pipes for gas stations and pre-weighted pipe for underwater pipelines. Through collaboration with some of Europe's leading players in plastic processing, Hallingplast also offers a complete range of pipe fittings and accessories. 

For further information, please contact us: 

Sverre Tragethon, CEO of Hallingplast
Phone: +47 32 09 55 92  

Dan Nordheim, CEO of Haplast
Phone: +47 97 50 46 00 

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